To Survivor Series main event…big change !

The cat is put well and truly among the pigeons is what The Phenomenal One’s WWE Championship victory is all about !

The main event of the WWE Survivor Series may have changed over the past few days is what is speculating. Between AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar, it is being reported that the ‘Champion vs.  Champion’ match will now close the show, as to the RAW vs. SmackDown 5-on-5 Traditional Elimination Match has opposed.

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To say the least, one week ago, the 2017 Survivor Series card was looking uninspiring. Despite Jinder’s improvement in 2017 it wasn’t filling the fans with much in the way of enthusiasm, as WWE was promoting a ‘Champion vs. Champion’ match.

On this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, the original plan went out of the window. To become a two-time WWE Champion, replacing the “Modern Day Maharaja” in the marquess Survivor Series match in the process, Styles overcame Jinder and the Singh Brothers.

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The original plan was for the RAW vs. SmackDown 5-on-5 Traditional Elimination Match to close the show, if reports are to be believed. The star power on display in that match certainly warranted it, as the lack of buzz surrounding Mahal vs. Lesnar necessitated in.

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With Styles’ championship win, Wrestlinginc is reporting that the plan may have changed. To close out the show, Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles now seems to be in pole position. For many for at least a decade, the showdown has been a dream match for many and it truly does feel like a match worthy of headlining one of WWE’s Big Four.

Between now and November 19th, there is a chance that plans can change again, as both the matches are viable main events, While the blue team will be represented by Shane McMahon, John Cena, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode, Team RAW will consist of Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and Jason Jordan.

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Not to mention the titles won in TNA and NJPW, that is a total 42 WWE, WCW and NXT Championships for those counting.

With one week’s worth of WWE TV to go, Just nine days lie between now and 2017 Survivor Series. WWE certainly has options when it comes to the closing match of the event in Houston as there is plenty of time for things to change !

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To Survivor Series main event…big change !

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